Learn one of China's best kept secrets

"Biu Tze the devastating thrusting fingers technique"

Sifu Sergio
Biu Tze demonstrated in perfection

Dear Friend,

What is one of the most devastating Chinese kung fu techniques?

Answer: The Biu Tze techniques, the once secret thrusting fingers techniques

Legendary kung fu fighters like dr. Leung Jan and Fung Siu Ching used these techniques
in countless bare knuckle fights and no one could match them. The blueprint of these devastating techniques were founded in the Southern Shaolin temple, more specifically the Wing Tjun Diem (Eternal Spring Hall). Here the most efficient lethal fighting techniques known to men originates from.

In the Biu Tze fighting system you will find the most powerful and devastating Combination of lethal strikes and elbows.


The Biu Tze Kung Fu techniques are so dangerous and lethal that they were only taught to closed door disciples after years and years of training.

As a life long Wing Tjun Kung Fu enthusiast I have been fortunate enough to study with the best of the best, I've been also fortunate enough to complete two lineages of Wing Tjun. Direct from the hands of Chinese grand masters.

Not only that but in my travels to china each year I have seen and experienced almost all the different versions of the Wing Tjun Biu Tze system.

And because half of my family is Chinese I have the benefit of everything being translated for me

I must tell you that the Biu Tze system is not only ruthless it is stunning!

They truly had the whole fighting thing figured out centuries ago.

In this dvd you will learn directly from me, the grand master of the IWKA and one of my master students sifu Paul Hawkes who finished the Wing Tjun system from the son of the late grand master Yip Man and was the appointed chief instructor of Great Britain for Grand master Leung Tings association.

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Dear Sifu Sergio,

I have to tell you honestly that I never thought much of you, but after I saw that my ex collega master Paul hawkes the ex chief instructor for the EWTO Great Britain was your guest on your biu tze dvd my curiosity got a hold of me, why in the hell would master Paul Hawkes private student of grandmaster Keith Kernspecht be willing to do a dvd with you? Or worse be featured on it as your student? But after seeing the dvd I have to say I'm in awe of your ability and skill , physically as well as verbally I never saw somebody so able to transmit this art so well, you are definitely worth the name grandmaster.
I hope you understand I wish to remain anonymously as I really cannot reveal who I am, but in the future who knows ...........

5th level practician of the IWTA/EWTO

Yves SchwarmesHi Sergio, Sifu.

I never had the chance to see you in Life-Action.

I heard so much about you, from People that even didn't know you and also from some of your students.

I now had the chance to see two of your dvd's.

For me, these two are the best Wing Tsun Learning DVDs I ever saw.

So much competent, so logical, so rational. I'm really impressed. That's how WT makes sence ... I'm waiting for your next ones.

Sifu Yves Schwarmes, Head of the International Organisation of Martial Arts. (I.O.M.A.)

Respect and regards,


Escrima Grandmaster Rene Latosa

Richard, Daryll and Shaun

Hi Sifu Sergio

I have ordered all your DVD's and they are incredible. After training for 9 years I thought I knew quite a lot about the Wing Tjun system but what I have learnt in the past few weeks has really opened my eyes.

You hold nothing back! Look forward to learning more from you in the future."

South Africa


Being a WT student for the past five years and constantly surfing the net for more information I can finally say my prayers have been answered.

Sifu Sergio's DVD's are the most informative lessons I have ever received during my training and his knowledge of other fighting styles makes for interesting watching.

Can't wait to see what comes next!!

Darryl Alexander
South Africa

Dear G M Sergio Iadarola

Let me begin by thanking you for all your time and effort you put into something we are all so passionate about. Since ordering your DVD's I can honestly say it has taken my training, understanding and knowledge to the next level. I understand more now in 2 months since receiving your DVD'S than I did in 9 years of training,

Student for life

South Africa

Hi sifu sergio
I received the Biu tze DVD I purchased yesterday. Having watched it, I now realise, as I have always known at the back of my mind, that I still have a long way to go. Thanks 4 putting it out Sifu

I look at my training as well as with all my experiences in life, and hope that, I not only get the best rock solid foundation, but everything from start to finish is stable and of the very best. I still look forward and hope that i get the honour to one day train directly under you until then I'm very happy to learn from your dvds they are among if not the best on the market! thank you

yours faithfully,
Ikenna Croydon, great britain

Hello I wanted to know if sifu sergio is going to make some dvds on the use of the footwork and steps and the kicks of the wingtsun system, and the defense against kicks.

I have bought all of your dvds and your dvds are among the best dvds on the wingtsun system around, I hope that you will make many more dvds, among them the dvd, on the defense from the kicks,

thanks aspect your news

Giuseppe Barone - Italy

I've been reading the comments you've posted on your site, about your DVDs, and now I want to make my comments.

I found out about the IWKA on the internet, and that was the way I became the chief instructor of IWKA Brazil. You were the guy who changed my life, who changed my point of view. i was always Searching on the net, and be sure I keep searching for new Wing Tjun videos, and other martial art styles, the one who keeps shocking me however is you. And I'm not telling these things because you are my Sifu, I'm telling this because nobody teaches like you, with all those details, and with your humble of human being.

All those guys who teaches martial arts, and I mean every martial arts, are so arrogant,a lot of them don't even respect their students, what can I say about respecting other martial art teacher.

I think That's the reason you are so successful, and you deserve it. You are a great teacher, you are a great man, and that's why you are so respected all over the world. You treat Wing Tjun as a way of life, not only like a martial art, like Bruce Lee said.

Your knowledge has no price, thanks for sharing it with me and also with all your students.


Your TODAI Sihing Erik Alvarenga
IWKA - Brasil

SiFu Sergio,
After re-viewing your BIU TZE DVD I can tell you, Wow! Simply astonishing!
My Biu Tze form will never be the same. This is how I thought the Biu Tze form had to be performed!
All that power emission (Fa Geng) had really shocked me!
Thank you!

Jacobo Marroquín - Mexico

Sifu Sergio teaching

Here are some of the once secret techniques and theories that YOU will learn

Sifu Sergio and GM Leung Tingtraining
Sifu Sergio with grandmaster Leung Ting in Hong Kong after private lessons in
1999 and in Bejing China while being uprooted through the Tai principle during
Chi Sao in 2001

You can learn all these timeless Chinese Kung Fu skills directly from me and master Paul Hawkes.

Not only will you learn a mind-boggling amount of real nuts-and-bolts practical knock out strikes and elbows, but you will also learn how to counter them!

The combination of strikes and elbows will quickly show you the superiority of the Wing Tjun Biu Tze way of fighting.

Find out why many of my students have asked me to reconsider, telling me not to put this material on this DVD.

Don't forget acquiring this knowledge has cost me years of hard training and
literally thousands of US Dollars. Just think of it (airplane tickets, hotels, tuition fee etc.)

But here is my offer: We have dropped the price to an old time low of 69 euro's, so take advantage of this special offer today.


GM Sergio Iadarola

P.S.    These DVD reveals techniques that have been refined over thousands of years.                     Order now and improve your fighting skills forever.